Loving One Thing and Then Another

On Friday I replaced my Ohio license plates with Wisconsin ones, thus severing my final tie with my home state. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Buckeye state, but it’s hard to feel too sad when my new home is so beautiful. My current backyard consists of 1200 acres of wild woods, lakes, and bogs. Remember my phenology project? I’ve explored some new trails in the past few days and I’ve found myself constantly thinking, “Oh, I should change my spot and do my project here! No, here! No, here!” Finally I had to admit that each new bend in the path enchanted me more than the last and I might as well stick with my original spot rather than drive myself crazy that way.

I started reading Small Wonder by Barbara Kingsolver this week without knowing what it was about. Turns out it’s a collection of beautiful essays about coming to terms with what 9/11 meant for our country, and I just happened to pick it up days before the tenth anniversary. “It’s the same struggle for each of us,” Kingsolver (one of my favorite authors) writes, “and the same path out: the utterly simple, infinitely wise, ultimately defiant act of loving one thing and then another, loving our way back to life.” Loving our way back to life. I am so fortunate to live in a place where every walk brings me new things to love. An improbably orange mound of fungus on a decomposing log…

Evidence of a beaver that bit off more than it could chew…

The neat handiwork of a sapsucker.

Remember, tomorrow is International Rock Flipping Day!

2 thoughts on “Loving One Thing and Then Another”

  1. “…it’s hard to feel too sad when my new home is so beautiful.” I enjoy accompanying you on your voyage of exploration, from Ohio to Georgia and now Wisconsin. (Not to mention I learn so much.)

    We will be moving from the shores of Lake Michigan to New York’s Mohawk valley. Americans are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country. Yes, I will be missing the lake and its moods. But to have a beautiful river, the Adirondacks etc etc etc at my doorstep isn’t chopped liver. Thanks for setting such an example.

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