Watch Me Geek Out About Dragonflies

Remember that post about the teneral dragonfly at the edge of Lake Superior (ooh, teneral, listen to my fancy new vocabulary)? Well, there’s more to that story. After taking the photos you’ve already seen, I climbed back up to our campsite and excitedly told the others about what we’d found. A few minutes later one of the other grad students, who goes by the name “Coolia” on the web, sidled up to me and said thoughtfully, “You know a lot about dragonflies, huh?”

“Um… define ‘a lot.'”

“Can you talk about them for thirty seconds for a Cool Things in Nature video?”

“Yes! Yes I can!”

Coolia, you see, is just as much of a nature nerd as I am, but rather than blogging she produces her own video series. So the two of us clambered happily back down to the shore, relocated the dragonfly (now signficantly drier and almost ready to fly away), and geeked out about it while she shot a video on her digital camera. Neither of us is an entomologist, and it shows, but what we lack in knowledge we make up for in excitement.

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