I’m Baaaaack

After a week in Utah and Colorado, we’ve returned to the Phoenix area. When we walked into the house this afternoon the thermometer on the patio read 112 degrees. (Fahrenheit, remember, any non-Americans reading this.)


Anyway, I have lots and LOTS of stuff from our trip to post about, but first I wanted to get in a quick plug for two of my friends who’ve started blogs of their own recently. My oldest and best friend, Scarlett (she sometimes likes to remind people that we were in Brownies together), is leaving in August to spend nine months teaching English in Hungary, and is blogging about the experience at Hungary for Adventure. As evidenced by the clever title, Scarlett is a really excellent writer, far better than me, and her blog is definitely one you should bookmark. Second, my friend and Jekyll Island coworker Sarah has also decided to keep herself occupied with a blog this summer, and can be found here; her most recent post, about her love for avocados, has made me hungry for guacamole!

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