Jekyll Island on the Silver Screen

I thought I was done writing about Jekyll Island, but after watching two movies this week I realized I do have one more post left. First of all, last weekend saw the release of X-Men: First Class, chunks of which were filmed on the island as I blogged about here and here. (A friend sent me a link to an interview with the cast in which Kevin Bacon talks about filming “on a beach in Georgia” and how people kept sneaking photos of the set and blogging about it… heh heh.) If you go see it, there are two obvious Jekyll bits to watch for.

One, just before Erik and Charles meet for the first time, Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost and some other folks are hanging out on a boat at a dock in what the movie claims in Miami, Florida. This is in fact the Clam Creek fishing pier on the north end of Jekyll Island, and I hadn’t realized they’d done any filming there, so it was an interesting surprise. Two, the climactic scenes take place on a beach in what’s apparently supposed to be Cuba; that’s the beach at the end of the seawall between Captain Wylly Road and Shell Drive, and that’s the location I wrote about in the posts I linked to above. It was fun to see the wide shots of the beach during that whole sequence and know exactly how much of it was a set and how much was graphics! Although those are the only scenes where you can really recognize the location, some other things were shot in the area as well, including the exterior shots of the Las Vegas casino. I only know that because one of my coworkers was an extra in that scene.

The other movie I watched this week was Glory, about an African-American regiment in the Civil War. The entire second half of that movie was shot in the Jekyll Island area – I swear at one point they march past the bookstore inthe island’s Historic District. The beach battle was shot directly adjacent to the 4-H center where I worked. Of course, this was in the late 1980’s, long before I was there!

I know to those unfamiliar with the island this is all pretty meaningless, but X-Men: First Class is a fun movie and if you like superhero flicks you’ll probably enjoy it. Or if you like James McAvoy. Ahem.

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