I’m on a Boat!

(Thanks, Cyndi, I still think of you when I type that phrase.) Anyway, this morning I tagged along with a school group on a boat tour. Second manatee sighting! Two of them surfaced next to the boat, and one was huge and lifted its whole tail out of the water for us to see. I’m proud to say I’m actually the one who spotted the “footprints” on the surface of the water and pointed them out to the captain.

Once again the manatees appeared and disappeared far to quickly for me to get any video evidence, but shortly afterward we ran into a huge pod of dolphins. This isn’t the greatest video ever but at least it proves I did see some marine mammals today.

After watching them for a while we dragged a trawl net behind the boat for a few minutes and then made the kids haul it in hand-over-hand (heh heh). We didn’t catch anything earth-shaking that I hadn’t seen before, but there were a few squid…

…and a flounder. (Click and zoom in to check out its eyes, which are both crammed together on one side of its flattened body.)

I had the kids sort out some of the fish into a bucket with ice to bring back and feed to our turtles and other critters.

A week and a half left until I leave Jekyll…

6 replies on “I’m on a Boat!”

Hurray for more manatees – they are putting on a show for you before you leave!

I’ll miss your posts about an environment I find really interesting – but I’m sure you’ll share good stuff about where you’re going.

Add me to the list of those jealous-of-manatee-sightings! Some day I’ll travel to where I can see them in real life.

I’m thinking that flounders are like halibut in that they start life with eyes on either side of their heads, and then as they mature, one eye travels over to join the other–right?

Yeah, it’s a whole weird transformation–their skulls twist to allow this, the mouth twists too. And the young fish gradually starts swimming at a tilt, the upper side darkens while the lower side lightens–until it’s happily laying on the sea bottom. Freaky!

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