A Tree from a Different Angle

The prompt for this month’s Festival of the Trees is to “observe our own engagement with trees, and record it—with video, audio, slideshow, or any other creative composition we can dream up.” I was intrigued by the idea, so this evening I took my camera and went back to the Grandfather Tree with no real goal in mind except to interact with it somehow and record what happened.

Several times a week I take forest ecology students here and watch them climb around in it, but today for the first time since last fall I went up into it myself. I experimented with filming a 60 Second Landscape looking up into the canopy but the scene was too static to make an interesting video. Then I hit on a different idea.

This tree is constantly full of insects, spiders, skinks, treefrogs… little things that can’t step back and admire the whole tree but experience its labyrinthine branches close up. Really close up. How about if I took some video clips of how a spider or skink sees things?

Enjoy. I don’t know if anyone but me will find these interesting, but making them was a fun experiment.

4 thoughts on “A Tree from a Different Angle”

  1. These videos are quite marvelous, you know. Besides the thought, of an insect’s perspective, which we ponder and which throws us more clearly into our own perspectives, the closeness of the camera to the bark, how real it becomes, and the hand-held quality, the travel up the trunk, along boughs, enters the retina almost like a collision with the tree.

    Never mind my babble, I simply grok these video pieces, and thank you for creating them and sharing at the Festival of the Trees.

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