Superhero Movie Dune Restoration

Last December I posted a photo of a movie set that had been constructed here on Jekyll for the movie X-Men: First Class (or, as my friend Michelle has taken to calling it, “X-Men: Filmed on Rebecca’s Island”).  They built a big plane crash on the beach, complete with imported palm trees to make it look more tropical than it actually is.  Let’s revisit and see what that beach, soon to be seen on movie theater screens around the world, looks like now that the film crew has been gone for a while.

They’ve replanted the dunes with grass, bunches planted in neat rows with straw in place under them.  I’m assuming the grass is sea oats, Uniola paniculata, a salt-tolerant pioneer plant common on primary dunes that helps hold them together with its long roots.

Just north of the restoration area is the beginning of the sea wall.  I’m glad I live on the island’s south end, where the beach is still relatively untouched.

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