Ribbit, Ribbit

For a while now I’ve been thinking that whenever I was due to write a post and short on time or ideas, I’d just walk downstairs with my camera and get some photos of the treefrogs that hang out on the walls of the building after dark.  Because, let’s face it, treefrogs are adorable.

Here on the coast of Georgia, there may be a serious lack of the Dutchman’s breeches, spring beauties, trilliums, trout lilies, hepatica, etc. etc. etc. that everyone up north is posting photos of right now.  But, at least I live in a building where treefrogs climb the walls every single night.  I’m pretty sure these are squirrel treefrogs, Hyla squirella, a species we didn’t have in Ohio.  (They really go more “quack, quack” than “ribbit, ribbit.”)

On the clock for over twelve hours tomorrow, and we’re predicted to have thunderstorms in the afternoon (again).  Deep breath…

4 thoughts on “Ribbit, Ribbit”

  1. …aaaahhhhhh…he really is adorable! As green as green can be, and that little froggy mouth! Yesterday evening I was at the Little Miami late, and I heard my first tree frog of the season. Yeah!

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