Another Lovely Little Moth

Yes, things have been getting very moth-y on this blog lately, but what can I say?  They’re everywhere and they’re photogenic.

This one is less than an inch long.  Thanks to my favorite website on the internet, BugGuide, I’ve tentatively identified it as Pygarctia abdominalis, the Yellow-edged Pygarctia.  I can’t seem to find much information on it, like what its larval food plant is; maybe no one knows.  Its range seems to be limited mostly to the South – Butterflies and Moths of North America has confirmed records in Florida, South Carolina, and Texas, plus one out-of-the-way one in Iowa.  (None in Georgia, so I’ll be emailing them this photo.)  It turned up Monday afternoon on the front wall of the dormitory.  I love its antennae.

Later today I’m off to Hilton Head to visit an old friend.  Have a great weekend!

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