Into the Swamp

My parents were visiting from Arizona this weekend and today we paid a visit to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.  Because it is a swamp, it is best seen from the water, and our first order of business was to take a boat tour.  The weather could not have been more beautiful – in the seventies with sunshine and no biting insects to speak of – and there were alligators everywhere.

Okefenokee is the largest National Wildlife Refuge (and one of the largest areas of wilderness) in the eastern U.S.  The area that’s accessible on a day trip like this is a tiny margin on the edge of a vast wetland explorable only by canoe or kayak, and populated by no one but birds and reptiles.  I love knowing that such emptiness is so close by.

As always, click for larger views.  The water, the plants, the buttressed cypress trees on every side, the sunshine and the song of eye-smartingly yellow Prothonotary Warblers…  I would say more but the photos stand on their own.  More to come.

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