Plover ID Challenge

Yesterday I went for a walk on the beach shortly before sunset and saw two different species of plover.  I had my camera with me and snapped photos of both, just playing around, knowing that with my limited zoom capability there was no way I’d actually get decent images.  However, when I got back and looked at the pictures on my computer I had the idea that it might be fun to turn them into one of those ID challenges that are popular on some nature blogs.  How are your shorebird skills?  Can you identify these two species based on what you see in these grainy, pathetic photos?

Plover #1:

Plover #2:

The prize is… okay, there’s no prize except the pride of knowing that you are up on your plover identification, and the publicity for your blog (if you have one) when I announce the winner.  Thoughts?  Guesses?  Requests for hints?  Anyone?

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