Two Quick Links

First, WordPress has recently started a new site called EcoPressed, “a portal highlighting the best environmental blogging across the WordPress community,” and though a lot of it is devoted to topics like clean energy and green living they have featured posts on ecology as well and have already been kind enough to include two of mine.

Second, there’s a new(ish) under-the-radar nature blog you should all be reading – A-roving I will go by Joy Window.  Joy lives in New South Wales (that’s eastern Australia, if you’re not up on your Down Under geography) and animals that seem exotic to us North Americans (pythons! bandicoots! koalas!) are backyard wildlife to her.  I must sheepishly admit that as of now I am the only one on her blogroll, so the rest of y’all need to go leave her some comments so that she can discover how many other (better) nature bloggers are out there.

3 thoughts on “Two Quick Links”

  1. Thanks, Rebecca! I came across your blog by chance when I was researching some stuff for mine, and realised that it was about a part of the world I had visited and enjoyed (the barrier islands of the coast of Georgia). I’m certainly keen to learn from other, better bloggers as I’m new to this sort of thing.

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