Important Announcement!

I got some very exciting news last night: I’ve been accepted into the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point’s graduate fellowship program in environmental education. What this means is that in July I’ll be moving to Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin (which is in the wilderness up near the border with UP Michigan) to spend the next two years working at a conservation-themed semester school for high school students while simultaneously completing my MS degree in natural resources with an emphasis on residential environmental education.

Obviously moving from the coast of Georgia to northern Wisconsin is going to be a big change – for our Friday staff meeting this afternoon my boss, coworkers and I went to Dairy Queen and sat outside in the warm, sunny weather eating ice cream, something I doubt I’ll be doing this time next February. But I’m really looking forward to it, because it’s a gorgeous part of the country. I know a fair number of you who read this blog have started doing so since I moved to Georgia and may have a special interest in this area, but I really hope you’ll all stick with me when I head to the North Woods. It’s going to be an adventure.

Anyway, I’m still going to be here on Jekyll Island until at least the end of May, so there’s time yet. Right now it’s time to head out for my afternoon constitutional on the beach!

13 replies on “Important Announcement!”

Congratulations! I’m a fairly new follower of your blog and I was just thinking this morning, as I looked at the name of the blog, “Rebecca in the Woods” that much of what you post (lately,anyway) is related to the ocean. And then I read this post about you going to Wisconsin! You will be in the woods there! I’ll miss the ocean posts, which originally attracted me to your blog, but I definitely will stay subscribed to read about your new adventures. Best of luck!

Rebecca, I am so dang happy for you! Your future looks so bright and jammed packed with Nature learning studies. Of course I will “stick” with you. I have learned much from you and will enjoy learning more.

At least you will be going to WI in the spring. This will give your body time to adjust. :-D)

Congratulations! What great news for you. I am sure that leaving the ocean will be hard but Wisconsin is so wonderful. Looking for ward to hearing about your adventures in the future.

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