Waves and Sand

I am and always will be a forest person at heart, but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss walking on the beach every day when I leave Georgia.  Ambling along the wrack line, seeing what the waves have turned up today – it’s never the same twice.  The tide will carve a deep runnel midway up the beach…

…only to smooth it out again the next day.

Translucent jellyfish…

…live keyhole urchins, and their remains, which we call sand dollars…

…fist-sized knobs of “sea pork,” a colonial tunicate, which probably resembles our distant ancestors: its tadpole-like larvae have notochords, primitive “backbones” which make this one of the oldest chordate animals.

Eventually my walk takes me to the southern tip of the island, where a mixed flock of sanderlings, dunlins, willets and oystercatchers has congregated at the remains of a shrimp boat that wrecked here decades ago.

I sit on a piece of driftwood for a while, contemplating the view, before returning the way I came.  Not a bad way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

7 replies on “Waves and Sand”

My parents live at the south end…I think that shrimp boat’s been there less time than you’d expect! I don’t think it was there when they moved in ’97. It was amazing how quickly it got “eaten” by the sand after the first time I saw it.

Glad to know what that “sea pork” is…those lumps always made me curious. Nice jelly picture, too.

Wow, you know exactly where I’m talking about, then! I work at the 4-H center, in case you hadn’t gathered. As for the shrimp boat wreck, I seem to recall my boss telling me it dated back to the 70’s, but I guess she could be wrong.

(and yes, I know enough to tell that pic was taken at low tide…my dad’s the one who pointed me to your blog. They live on St. Andrews Dr. I have to confess, I haven’t actually been to the beach there in a couple of years, since the dog got too old and feeble to enjoy it!)

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