Trees in Boxes

In a clearing across the street from the 4-H stands an odd sight: a collection of small- to middling-sized live oak trees rooted in large wooden boxes, like Brobdingnagian potted plants.

A lot of construction is happening on the island at the moment, including the building of a new convention center, shopping center, and gas station.  Apparently this is the local government’s attempt to save the lives of trees that are being displaced, stashing them here temporarily until they can be transplanted somewhere else permanently.  Of course, it’s more for PR than anything else, because a lot of these trees probably won’t survive the stress of moving.

The shape a tree gives clues as to its original home.  Some are spectacularly bent and twisted, suggesting they grew somewhere exposed to the constant wind coming in off the sea.

In others, which must have grown somewhere more sheltered, this deformity (called “salt shearing”) is much less pronounced.

It’s a cold and gray and rainy here on Jekyll at the moment.  Ah well, less than a week until I head west again for the holidays…

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