Fall Color (Sort Of)

On an island dominated by live oaks and palm trees, you don’t exactly see a lot of gorgeous autumn color, and regular readers will know that I really missed that this fall.  But, as the season wears on there is actually some color to be seen.  It’s just that it’s the vines, rather than the trees, that are putting on a show.

The crimson color of Virginia creeper will be familiar to many, as this plant has a very widespread distribution.  However, this is the first year I’d really stopped to admire it.  When the tree it’s growing on is still green, green, green, the red color pops all the more.

The leaves of the muscadine grapes, meanwhile, are turning to gold.  I tried a muscadine shortly after moving here and didn’t care for it.  Nor do I like grits, or boiled peanuts.  I guess I’ll never be a true Southerner.

Save travels to anyone who’ll be on the road or in the air in the next couple days.  I’m catching a plane to Phoenix tomorrow…

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