Surprise Care Package for the Win!

If you read this blog regularly, you may know that I love autumn but have had precious little experience of it for the past couple years.  When my parents recently went hiking in Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona to enjoy some fall color, I seethed with jealousy.  Leave it to my awesome mother to send me some fall color of my own in the mail!

That’s right, when I checked my mail this afternoon I found mysterious padded envelope addressed to me in my mom’s handwriting, and it turned out to be chock full of dried maple, oak and aspen leaves (plus a coupon for a free package of frozen cookie dough).  How random and cool!

My parents are pretty amazing – they regularly comment on this blog, too, so if you notice any comments from “Gary” and “Cindy” that’s them.  They post comments using their first names instead of “Mom” and “Dad” because they think I might be embarrassed if people know my parents read my blog.  Quite the opposite, I think it’s great!  I am long since over the teenage phase of being embarrassed by my parents.

Anyway, thanks again, Mom!

3 thoughts on “Surprise Care Package for the Win!”

  1. Very nice. Hey Rebecca, you might be interested to see the comment from “anonymous” on my last post. It’s a parent talking in glowing terms about his/her 12-year old’s great experience learning environmental ed on Jekyll recently.

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