Happy Cephaloween!

I wasn’t going to dress up for Halloween this year, but then I found out that we could wear costumes to work on Friday, and what’s the point of teaching ecology to fifth-graders on the Friday before Halloween if you’re not going to wear a goofy nature-related costume?  So I bought an old shirt at Goodwill and some fabric glue and puffy paint at Michael’s and made myself an octopus.

Okay, it’s not the most stunning costume ever (and it would be better if the fabric paint for the suckers hadn’t gotten smudged so badly), but it served its purpose, which was amusing my students.  There are two more “arms” in the back, and before you ask, no, that does not make me two limbs short, you are forgetting to count my legs.  If I’d had more time and ambition I could have made this much cooler, but whatever.  It was adapted from an idea in this post at The Shell and Mantle.

Of course, if I’d wanted to go really basic I could have just worn a shoe on my head and said I was a cephalopod.  One of my coworkers took this approach, duct-taping a shoe to her stomach and calling herself a gastropod.  We science nerds get our amusement where we can.  Last year when the end of October rolled around I was at an isolated field station in the Australian Outback and didn’t really do anything to celebrate, so it was nice to have some Halloween-related fun this week.  I hope all of you enjoyed the holiday as much as I did!

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