A Snapshot of a Blog

Okay, I admit it: I have nothing new and exciting to post about.  Work has been keeping me busy this week and I don’t have any new and exciting photos to share.  This weekend I’m going up to the mountains for a couple days to get a taste of fall (I really really really miss fall), and I’m sure when I get back I’ll have plenty of blog fodder, but in the meantime here is what I have to share with you.

This was created using Wordle, and is a snapshot of the most frequently used words in my last ten posts.  Lots about sphinx moths and snakes.  No surprise there.  What words are most common on your blog?

5 replies on “A Snapshot of a Blog”

I just have to love a blog whose cloud has SNAKE and SPECIES so prominently. (Just came back from the Badlands where they prominently warn tourists about rattlesnakes. A visitor from OK and I were disappointed that we had no sightings. Her husband looked at us like we were nuts.) Looking forward to seeing what you bring back from the mountains.

(BTW, have to tell you, you are my inspiration. I have been trying to blog on backyard – more or less 0 nature. I’m just an amateur, a history major librarian who loves the outdoors, but you have brought me such pleasure that I am trying to share it foreward. Thanks!)

You are definitely not dense…. My blog is so under the radar it would take sonar to find it. You can find it at

I just got back from a long walk at the Indiana Dunes. Think my next Monday nature post is going to be on how the Dunes were formed.

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