Photo of the Day: Green Violet-Ear

A Green Violet-ear, one of many hummingbird species I saw on my trip to Costa Rica last January.  My camera at the time was a very basic one with absolutely no zoom, so this is really how close I was to the bird.

(I will be back from a trip to California and Oregon on August 11 – until then I’m sharing a few photos of previous travels.)

2 replies on “Photo of the Day: Green Violet-Ear”

When I lived in the south San Joaquin Valley, the hummingbirds were so bold that one hovered maybe a foot from my nose, apparently checking me out. Frequently I could walk out my back door (by the feeder) and and almost run into one. They don’t believe they are small, and they know they are mighty — avian terriers!

I don’t have many now in NW Indiana, and I miss them. Thanks for the memories and cool photo.

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