Bye-Bye Buckeye State

Once again, I’m not dead; I’ve just been having one of those weeks where real life takes over and doesn’t leave time for extraneous things like blogging.  Interesting nature stuff continues to happen – there are monarch caterpillars on the milkweed outside, and I took campers on a field trip to a fish hatchery this morning – but I just haven’t had time and energy to photograph and write.

Anyway, this is my last week at my job in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  On Saturday I leave for three weeks in Arizona with my parents, and then I’m moving to Georgia to start my new job on Jekyll Island.  I’m super excited for that job, but leaving here is bittersweet; I grew up in Ohio and it will always be home to me.  And I won’t get to see autumn come to these woods.  Looking at the green riot of summer around me now, it’s still hard to believe that when I arrived in January, Glen Helen looked like this:

While I’m visiting my family we’re going to take a road trip out to California and Oregon, during which I will definitely not be blogging.  I’m planning on digging through some old photos and scheduling a few of them to be posted while I’m gone, and when I get back you can expect posts on the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Point Reyes, Redwoods National Park, and Crater Lake.  Until then, take care!

2 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Buckeye State”

  1. Oh my goodness! You’re leaving Ohio!! But it sounds like you’re going to a great place. I read a book on Jekyll Island…interesting history there! I hope you have a fun time on your vacation and hope you continue your blog on Jekyll Island!

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