Island Paradise

As I’ve mentioned, next month I’m moving to Jekyll Island, a barrier island off the coast of Georgia.  Sun, sand, and salt marshes.  This will be the first time I’ve lived near the ocean, but I spent my final spring break as a college student backpacking on Cumberland Island, the next one over from the one I’m moving to, which is preserved as a National Seashore.  Cumberland (unlike Jekyll) can only be reached by ferry, and the number of people there at any one time is kept limited.

The beaches were the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen, white sand, no litter, very few people, studded with conchs and sand dollars.  Inland from the beach was a forest of live oaks and palmettos, where armadillos were as common as squirrels are here in Ohio.

Jekyll is inhabited, and connected to the mainland via causeway.  I know it’s not going to be this pristine.  But I’m still excited.

5 thoughts on “Island Paradise”

  1. Rebecca, I am so excited for you! Even though I live in Georgia I haven’t visited Jekyll Island. Oh….I have read about this beautiful island and all the great wildlife. It is on my wish list to as a place to visit. Maybe one day. :)

  2. Rebecca, I am so absolutely jealous. Sounds like a great place to live for a while, or forever. Best wishes for a blissful time in Georgia. (And selfish hopes that you will continue blogging. I’d love to hear about your move, and learn about an ecosystem where I’ve never lived.)

  3. Moving to Jekyll Island to live – man, I’m jealous!

    Jekyll is a great place to live. I hope to move there one day, too (fingers crossed).

    If you like the beach, you’ll love it there.

  4. Glad to read you will continue blogging! I’ve been training myself to look for the little things – quarter inch mushrooms by the trailside, for example – and identify them. Or attempt it. You just do it better than me.

    I have lived in 3 different areas in the last 2.5 years. We don’t know how to stay still.

    Moved from California’s southern San Joaquin (riparian, but most people think of it as desert) to Dayton, and now by the Indiana Dunes and Lake Michigan.

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