The Rule of Thirds

The other night I showed a coworker a photo I took a couple months ago that I really liked, and she said, “Oh, good use of the rule of thirds!”  To which I replied, “Good use of the what?”

I know absolutely nothing about photography.

The rule of thirds, it turns out, says that photos are more interesting if you fill two thirds of the space with one thing and the remaining one third with something else.  You are supposed to divide the frame into thirds, both vertically and horizontally, using imaginary lines.  Bonus points if you can put some point of interest at an intersection of those lines.

While reading about this I found an old, no-longer-updated blog that took the form of a photography course, broken down into lessons of different aspects of composition.  The rule of thirds was assignment one, and the “instructor” recommended shooting in black and white while practicing.  I decided to give it a try.  Here are some of my results.

Don’t worry, this is still definitely a nature blog, not an artsy-photography blog.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in improving the quality of the photos I post here, and I think I may continue working through the series of lessons.

5 thoughts on “The Rule of Thirds”

  1. I love your B&W photos! Hmm…..I am not a pro and could use some lessons. I’m bad about just pointing and shooting. Sometimes I get lucky. :) Would you share the link to the blog you found?

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