The Magic of Dawn Dish Soap

When one of my housemates purchased a bottle of Dawn for our kitchen, there was discussion of the oil spill and how Dawn is used for cleaning oiled birds.  We all felt good about supporting a company that does good things for wildlife.  What we never dreamed was that the Dawn in our kitchen would later be used to clean an icky bird.  This afternoon the raptor center assistant came upstairs, grabbed the dish soap, and took it down to the clinic.  Turns out they had gotten a call about a young Red-tailed Hawk that had fallen into a pool of ick at a waste water treatment plant.

Dawn saves another life!

(photo courtesy of Jessica Cline – thanks Jessica!)

4 thoughts on “The Magic of Dawn Dish Soap”

  1. Hooray for the red-tail rescue!

    Dawn also did a great job of cleaning scale from one of my potted dwarf citrus plants. One good wash down, and I have not seen any more of scale on it, despite daily checks.

    Saves birds and plants. Who can complain?

  2. I think this is great, and amazing, and I am glad that Dawn was able to help all those birds in the Gulf, and at our RC. However, did you know that petroleum is an ingredient in Dawn? That is why it is so good and getting the yuck and goo off the birds. Ironic, isn’t it?…that Dawn, the save-the-day-dish-detergent, is part of the problem.

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