Red-Spotted Purple

Photographed yesterday while waiting for campers to show up for their afternoon hike – my butterfly-identifying odyssey continues!  Unfortunately this guy flew away before I could get a shot of the undersides of the wings, where the eponymous red spots are.  From what I read online, the only species with a color pattern that could be confused with this one are some of the swallowtails, which of course have a distinctive wing shape this one lacks.  Beautiful!

3 thoughts on “Red-Spotted Purple”

  1. A very pretty butterfly.

    You mentioned before about adding to your field guide collection and I didn’t know if you were aware of some of the free guides from the ODNR Division of Wildlife. Over the past several years they’ve published some excellent guides to Ohio’s wildlife resources. They have one on Damselflies and Dragonflies and the most recent is a book on spiders. The bird guides also have a companion CD of bird songs. Copies of the guides and CD’s are available by calling 1-800-WILDLIFE. Most can be viewed on-line at the address below.

    1. I have used those, or at least older versions of them – we have copies of some of them in the office here, and I have the CDs for owls, warblers and frogs. I’m moving to Georgia in August, though, so guides specific to Ohio won’t be that useful for me much longer! I also use the BugGuide site I’ve linked to a lot for butterflies and other insects.

      Anyway, thanks for the tip!

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