Mayapple Polka-Dots

In particularly wet, shady areas of the forest, some of our mayapples have been developing a case of yellow spots.

Is it a disease?  A sign of stress, from getting too much water or not enough sunlight?  After doing some digging online, it looks like this may be a mild case of a fungus called mayapple rust.  Here’s the spots as seen from beneath.

In other news, check out what the jack-in-the-pulpits look like now that they’re done blooming!

2 thoughts on “Mayapple Polka-Dots”

  1. when my mayapple died in July it looked like it
    had rust it started at the ends of the leaf and then the
    whole plant died and now it will come back next year
    i wonder if its hard to grow them from seeds
    because I’ve never tried it i only went out and got the
    plants and did it that way

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