Purple Power

Every time I start to sigh wistfully, thinking the spring wildflower bonanza is finished for the year, new ones burst into bloom.  This past week it was waterleaf and dame’s rocket.

Between these and the still-going-strong phlox and wild geraniums, the trails right now are a riot of purple.

Anyway, I survived the GRE this morning (hooray!) and then spent a good chunk of the afternoon tagging along on the annual bird-a-thon the nature preserve where I work holds to raise money, which was a humbling reminder of what a poor auditory birder I am.  (“Hear that Yellow-throated Vireo?”  “Um…”)  Eh, whatever, at least I spotted an American Redstart that the guys would have walked right past without me.  Sadly the weather picked today to turn cold and windy so they didn’t get as many species as they were hoping for.

Tomorrow a friend of mine who lives in Arizona arrives for a visit.  Can’t wait to show her my woods!

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