Bedroom Ecosystem

During my first semester of college when I was trying to come up with an honors project for my introductory zoology course, the professor suggested I might collect and catalog the insect (and other arthropod) life inside my dorm.  I ended up going with a different idea; it was probably better not to know exactly what creepy bugs were lurking under my bed and in my closet.  But recently I can’t help but notice that my current bedroom seems to be developing its own ecosystem.

On pleasant spring nights I open up the windows in my bedroom to enjoy the breeze.  However, the screens on said windows must not be that secure, because this inevitably leads to large numbers of moths, dipterans, and beetles finding their way into the room and congregating around the two light sources, the desk lamp and the computer screen.  (The fifth graders I admonish against being afraid of bees and spiders would probably be amazed to see me jump and squeal when a large flying beetle unexpectedly lands on my shoulder.)  These insects, in turn, provide food for the spiders who spin webs in little-used corners.  Sorry I have no photos to share, but usually by the time the crazy beetles come out at night I am going to bed and am too sleepy to get out my camera.

Possibly this is all a sign I need to clean my room more thoroughly.  But at the same time the science nerd in me thinks it’s pretty cool.

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