I recently got a letter from a former student in which she said her favorite places here were the waterfall, because of the sound it made, and the pine forest, because of the sound of the wind in the trees.  Those are part of the daily soundtrack of my life here.  I can barely remember what it’s like to live somewhere where you can hear traffic going by.  I haven’t lived on a real road in a year now.

In the past few days some new birds have shown up in the woods, including the singer behind one of my favorite bird songs: the wood thrush.  (If you don’t know what a wood thrush sounds like, you can listen to it here.)  Every morning I wake up to the songs of thrushes, wrens, warblers, towhees, sparrows, peewees.

In the evening, after dark, the treefrogs take over with their insistent trilling – not to mention the calls of the barred owls, great horned owls, and screech owls who live here at the raptor center.

And sometimes, the only sound is the rain, or the wind rushing in the tree tops.

3 thoughts on “Sounds”

  1. …sounds like heaven. I would love to live out in the woods someday and be surrounded by natural sounds. I’ve been listening for the wood thrushes to show up on the Little Miami River, but as yet, they are absent. Have you been to Cedar Bog in Urbana? I was there for the first time this weekend. I liked it!

    1. Kelly, one sound we hear a lot that’s less pleasant is that of fighter jets – we’re pretty close to Wright-Patterson, and it’s annoying when you’re trying to teach a concept to a group of kids and suddenly two or three jets come roaring low over the woods and you can’t hear yourself talk anymore.

      I haven’t been to Cedar Bog, but it sounds nice – I’ll have to add it to my long list of Ohio places to visit before I move out of the state again!

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