April Showers

I took a brief walk in the rain this afternoon (in completely inappropriate footwear, as when I left the house I didn’t intend to end up on the hiking trails).  Somehow the rain really brings out the greenness of everything.  Hard to believe now that this was all buried under snow a couple months ago.

As I walked along, small inflorescences of white flowers that I didn’t recognize caught my eye, and I was delighted to realize that our ubiquitous and charming native succulent, stonecrop, is starting to flower.

The mayapples have burst into bloom this week, too; apparently no one told them that mayapples are supposed to bloom in May.

Rain means that the streams may be high this week, making the waterfalls even more impressive than usual but the stepping stones treacherous.  Ah well.  Our showers are bringing us plenty of flowers, so I’m not about to complain!

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