“God Hates Woodcocks.”

“God hates Woodcocks.”  That was the pronouncement of the director of the Raptor Center yesterday morning.

I think I noticed when I woke up that there was something off about the quality of the light filtering into my room through the curtained windows, but it wasn’t until I’d been up for a few minutes, groggily getting ready for my last day of work before spring break, that I actually happened to glance outside.  This is what I saw.

WHAT?!?!  My reaction – I was so shocked that I exclaimed out loud despite being alone in my room – is not something I can repeat here and keep this blog G-rated.  When I got home from work the previous day it had been raining, hard, with temperatures in the forties.  I had no idea it was going to turn into snow overnight, and neither, it seems, did anyone else.

So yes, God apparently hates Woodcocks, birds who nest early (they’ll already have eggs by now) and nest on the ground.  He must also hate salamanders, who will also have laid their eggs by now, all of which are now probably dead after being frozen overnight.  Argh.  I know this sort of thing happens just about every spring and the critters always bounce back, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating, and I am not pleased about having to break out my winter coat again.

The good news for me, at least, is that I’m leaving this afternoon to spend a week in southern Arizona.  Eighty degrees and sunny, here I come!

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