Science Poetry

Recently the subject of poetry, particularly poetry about science, came up in a conversation with one of my coworkers.  Two of my favorite poems I’ve read are science-related, and today I tried to find both of them again online.  One of them, about the Archaeopteryx, I couldn’t turn up, but here is the other for anyone who’s interested.

Jazzman’s Nature
by Richard Fein

In the grand composition from amoeba to man,
Mother Nature is not one for revising,
no crumpled sheet music surrounds her feet.
Mother Nature improvises like a jazzman playing his riff,
not thinking of the coda, not wanting one,
wanting only to flow with the unfolding notes,
swinging with the rhythm, moving with the theme,
blowing a horn, fingering a keyboard, strumming on strings,
composing on the fly, not needing rehearsal.
Jazzman and Nature in a forever present tense,
recalling only enough past to continue the current theme,
and without wondering where the melody leads them.

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