A Botanical Quest…

Snow is melting, the sun is shining, spring birds are beginning to trickle back and the ones that were here all along are singing like crazy, so this afternoon I set out on a quest in search of a sure sign of spring: spring beauties.  I knew they wouldn’t be blooming yet but they’re one of the few wildflowers I’m fairly confident I can identify from the germinating sprouts alone, and that’s what I was hunting for.

These old seed heads from last fall caught my eye… a feast for sparrows, no doubt.

The first greenery I spotted along the trails was garlic mustard.

And more garlic mustard… and more garlic mustard.

Sigh.  Garlic mustard is invasive, but sadly, it’s here to stay.

A squirrel saw me coming and tried to hide by wedging himself as far as possible into a hollow tree… I can still see you, Mr. Squirrel.  Your bushy tail gives you away.

I did find some native plants… like violets, and Geum.

But alas, no spring beauty.  It must still be too early.  I’ll try again in a week.

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