What’s That Bright Light?!

Yesterday morning we woke up to our first sunny morning in weeks.  (Weeks!)  This must be what it feels like to come out of hibernation after a long winter, poking your nose out through the snow and blinking in the unfamiliar light.  Of course, clear skies mean cold nights, but by afternoon that sunshine has warmed everything up and is working hard to melt the snow.  This afternoon I was celebrating by working outside with no jacket; it can’t have been warmer than forty, so maybe I’m crazy, but it’s just been a gorgeous day.

Yesterday I walked over this bridge with my students and one girl stopped, looked at the stream for a moment, and commented on how much she liked the water running over the stones.  It’s always gratifying to see a kid absorbed in something real, rather than a computer or TV screen.

Temperatures are supposed to continue to rise over the weekend, so who knows, maybe by next week I’ll even be able to see some spring plants starting to emerge.  It can’t be too much longer until the spring beauties germinate, right?

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